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Hi everyone!

I’m aware that there’s been some issues with for some people who had purchased Promise to Marry from iBooks. It seems that iBooks sent out a 4 page blank file. Grr! I have no idea why this happened, or how, as I was told last week that the book I’d uploaded days ago was “live” on the site and ready to go for pre-order.

As I’m in the process of working through this glitch with my vendor, I discovered something while looking at my own 4 page blank file on my iBooks app. I tried something that worked for me!! I went onto my iBooks app and decided to delete Promise to Marry (the file with the 4 pages) from my device completely to see what would happen. Then I went back to the “Store” to re-download the book onto my device. When I did that, the entire book was there! This must be some glitch iBooks is having, but this deleting and re-downloading worked for me, so I hope it works for you guys! Please let me know if it doesn’t and I’ll try my best to help you guys out!