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Contracted Love

Promises, Love & Baby and Birthday Giveaway!

Promises, Love & Baby is close to being finished and I’m so so so excited for everyone to read it! It’ll be coming November 30! I’ll post the links to the book as soon as it’s available. If you’d like an email notification when the... read more

Promises, Love & Baby Update

Happy Monday! I wanted to come out from my writing cave for a little bit to give everyone an update on Promises, Love & Baby.   I’m aiming to finish the book by my birthday (this Friday)! It would be a really really nice birthday gift to myself as... read more

Promise to Marry is FREE & Promises, Love & Baby Update

Dear readers: I’m working hard on finishing Promises, Love & Baby and hope to have it released by Sunday/Monday. I’ll keep you guys updated and will post the links as soon as they’re up. If you’d like to be emailed when the book goes live,... read more

Promises, Love & Baby – Amazon Preorder Canceled

Dear readers, Due to circumstances outside of my control, I had to cancel Promises, Love & Baby‘s Amazon pre-order. For those that pre-ordered the book through Amazon, you will be receiving an email about this from Amazon. Please note that you were NOT... read more

Promises, Love & Baby – Sunday Night Teaser!

Hi guys! Promise, Love & Baby is coming out next week!!! Ahh! Because I love you all, I’m sharing another teaser, and let me tell you, this one is a juicy one! Brace yourself! Here we go: *** Sunday Night Teaser from PROMISES, LOVE & BABY! *** Half an... read more

Promises, Love & Baby – A Tease before the Teaser!

Promises, Love & Baby will be out on September 22! Get excited!!! I know I haven’t shared a new teaser yet from Promises, Love & Baby, but there’s just so much juicy stuff in store for you guys, I can’t decide what to post!! Hahaha. I... read more

Promises, Love & Baby Release Date & Giveaway!!!

Hi guys! I’m deep in my writing cave working on Promises, Love & Baby and I can’t wait everyone to read it! So I’m still ironing out some plot issues and decided to put the release date to September 22! Are you ready for a crazy rollercoaster... read more

Promises, Love & Baby Cover Reveal and Release Info

Promises, Love & Baby Cover Reveal Hi guys! I’m so excited to reveal the cover for Promises, Love & Baby!!! I seriously love Chloe and Jackson so much and I’m so anxious to share this book with you!! I’m currently still working on the book... read more

Promises, Love & Baby Teaser #2

Hi guys! If you’ve been following me on Facebook, you know that I just returned from a three-week working holiday in Europe to research for my upcoming book Untamed Desires. I had such an amazing time in London, Barcelona, Positano, Nice, and Paris, but oh boy,... read more


PROMISES, LOVE & BABY TEASER “Happy birthday, Clo.” Jackson leaned in for a tender kiss. As he pulled away, he brushed aside a loose strand of hair on my face. “Thanks for such a special birthday, babe.” I beamed at him, feeling like the luckiest person in the... read more