Dear readers:

Last week I had pushed back the release date of Promise of Forever in order to have an additional week to finalize the book. I’ve been working really hard to finish it and make it perfect for you all. However, due to an unexpected eye issue I had with my eyes this week (details below), I lost a lot of time I had planned on spending on this book, and as result, will need an additional week. So Promise of Forever‘s new release date is April 28th.

Last weekend, I started having issues with my eyes. By this past Monday night, I had severe redness in both of my eyes, and sustained pain and puffiness in the right eye. I immediately called my opthamologist the next morning and went in at their earlier opening that afternoon. The doctor told me I had a cornea ulcer growing on my right eye (imagine a colony of bacteria using my eyeball as a Petri dish to grow and expand. I know, gross!) and an allergic reaction to my contacts on my left eye. The “good” news is the ulcer was located in the upper section of my cornea when he discovered it today and not on the center of the cornea, as that could lead to permanent vision loss or blindness. I’m currently off my contacts and using drops several times a day for the ulcer. Due to the drops and my glasses, my eyes have been more tired and I’ve been having headaches throughout the day, causing me to not be on the computer as much as I need to be. Today I went in for my first follow-up and the doctor said my right eye looks better and the ulcer has gotten smaller, which is great news!! I have to continue with the drops and he thinks the ulcer should be mostly gone by the end of next week with minimal scarring. I have another follow-up on Monday.

I want to apologize for this delay. I really didn’t want to do this after the previous one, but this eye emergency wasn’t something I had anticipated or wanted. I hope you will understand.

I feel bad about the delays so I’m putting Promise to Marry on sale for $0.99. The price will probably change over within the next 24 hours! Here are the links:





Google Play:




I know a lot of you are anxiously waiting for the release of Promise of Forever. I’m just as anxious for you all to read it and am working really hard to get it finished. After some feedback from a beta reader, I’ve decided to make some changes to the story and add in some additional scenes. I really care a lot about Jackson and Chloe and want to make sure their story is the best it can be. (They deserve it after everything!) I think the changes I have in mind will make everyone happy as it’ll be a more satisfying conclusion to Jackson & Chloe’s story. Because of this, I’ll need another week with the story for the changes and have decided to push the release date back a week to April 21.

I know for those who have been waiting for this book, this is the last thing you might want to hear. But I rather you be upset with me because of a delay than because the conclusion to Jackson & Chloe’s story wasn’t as good as it can be. I hope you can understand. <3

Also, the exclusive excerpt of Promise of Forever will go out tonight to those on my mailing list. So there’s still time to sign up so that you can receive it: As I mentioned before, I will not be posting any teasers/excerpts on my Facebook page because they will contain spoilers for those who haven’t read the first two books.



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