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I’m back! Did you miss me? 😘 I’m really excited for my upcoming releases this year, and I have two release dates for you!!! Below are the two books, their release dates and blurbs! I’ll post pre-order links soon! Which release are you excited about?

May 2, 2017 for Amazon KU; August 1, 2017 for all sites

Is it love? Or is it all just a part of his game of lies?

Sexy billionaire Liam Taylor was not only smooth and irresistible, he was about to save me and my family’s business from the brink of bankruptcy.

But there was a catch.

He will help my family business out of its financial crisis under one condition: I had to spend a month with him and obey his every will and command.

Desperate with no other options, I agreed to his terms and moved in with him. And to my surprise, I quickly fell for him and wanted him for more than just a month.

But unknown to me, Liam had other plans in store for me. When the secrets and lies began to blur into our reality, was his feelings for me real or was it all just a part of his game?

June 8, 2017 for all sites

A case of mistaken identity and a twist of fate brought me and Evan together.

We met in the dark as strangers, made love by mistake, and married each other to hide a secret.

We both agreed it’d be a marriage of convenience, to fix the mess we had gotten ourselves in the night we met. But when it was time to get an annulment, my feelings had changed. I wanted something more. I wanted something real. But the problem was, did he want that too?