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Promise to Keep is still not live yet :(. I’m so sorry guys! I will post the links as soon as I have them. If you don’t want to miss my post or want to be notified by email when the book is available, you can sign up for my mailing list:http://eepurl.com/y6f9b.

Also, sorry I haven’t had a chance to comment or respond to any messages! I had a family emergency late last night and had to rush to my parents today and really haven’t had the chance to be online at all. Please bear with me while we wait. I wish I can give you a more definite time. Also the vendor I use for preorders for iBooks, B&N, and Kobo require more time for a preorder to go through, which is why the date is set for 2/22. There was an issue with iBooks last time where some people received a blank file while others did not. I don’t want a repeat of that this time around. For Google Play, it should be up on GP in the next few days as well. Thank you for your patience! I really appreciate it!