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I have some exciting announcements today that I wanted to share with you, mostly good but one not so good.

1) Promise to Keep will now be released on February 17, a week from its original date. I’ll elaborate on this below.

2) Promise of Forever has a release date! March 31, 2015. This is a firm date. I’ll have pre-order links available soon, so stayed tune. 🙂

3) My next book after the Promises series is Contracted Love. This will be a sexy standalone with no cliffhangers 🙂 (cover reveal/blurb revealed was previously posted here). It will be out in May 2015. And before its release, I’m going to be releasing a FREE prequel novella for everyone! I’m aiming for mid-April. If you want to receive the FREE prequel or be notified of when Contracted Love and its free prequel are available on retail sites, sign up for my mailing list: http://eepurl.com/y6f9b.

So back to Promise to Keep‘s release. I know you may be disappointed in the one week delay in the release of this book. Please believe me when I say that this wasn’t an easy decision to make. But for the reasons below, I need some additional time to finalize Promise to Keep for my editor before its release. So I knew going in that the story I envisioned for the Promises series would ruffle some feathers and be controversial. I knew there would be many who would love this story, but also those who would hate it. And between the release of Promise to Marry and now, I’d let some opinions get to me. It caused me to question my original ending for Promise to Keep. I drafted countless scenarios in how things will play out. I lost a lot of sleep worrying over how people will react. The anxiety was sometimes debilitating, causing me to second guess myself on what I wanted for this series. But after a lot of thought and soul searching, I realized that I personally love everything about this entire story and I love what I’ve written. It’s emotional, raw, and real to me. It’s not a fairytale romance. It’s messy and complicated. It’s life. So I’m going to stay true to myself and write this story the way I’d envisioned it. To do anything else would just be a disservice to myself and my readers.

Thank you for understanding.