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So what books are coming next, you ask?

✦ Promise to Marry {New Release Date} December 8, 2014 ✦

As many of you know, my next release is Promise to Marry. It’s currently available for pre-order on Amazon, iTunes, B&N, and Kobo. However, I’ve made the difficult decision to push the release date back to December 8, 2014. This new date is currently being processed with the various sites.

I know this delay may upset some of my readers, and some may want to know why this is happening. So I wanted to be straightforward with you all and let you know why I’ve made this decision. So I found out less than two weeks ago that my parents are moving cross country due to a job obligation. They’re both in their 60s and I don’t feel comfortable knowing that they’ll be driving a large moving van and a car across country by themselves. So I’m flying to NJ this Thursday and will help them finish packing, cleaning up the house, and making the 5-6 day drive across country to CA. I hadn’t expected this or the one-week delay in Oblivion’s release when I set the release date for Promise to Marry. I’m still writing Promise to Marry, and I want to make it the best it can be and not rush the story simply to meet my release date.

I hope you will all understand. I’m really excited about this story and can’t for you all to read it!! <3 <3

✦ Twisted Desire {co-written with JS Cooper} – December 15, 2014 ✦
✦ Promise to Keep – December 29, 2014 ✦
✦ Contracted Love – January/February 2015 ✦
✦ Forever Broken – Free Weekly Chapters Will Start This Thursday! ✦