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Ugh!!! So the site (D2D) I go through to do pre-orders for iTunes and B&N messed up! I noticed yesterday that the pre-order date listed on iTunes and Nook says 10/25, not 10/20! I swear the date had said 10/20 when I first set it up, but not sure what happened! I know some other authors have recently had issues with D2D, but I didn’t think it’d happen to me! 🙁 I’ve submitted a request to D2D to change the date back to 10/20, but the process to change the date is complicated and lengthy, so I am not sure it will be go through by tomorrow.

I feel awful and want to ensure that the book goes live on all the platforms on the same day as I don’t want anyone to be upset that they pre-ordered and didn’t get the book yet. So once I figure out when the book will go live on iTunes & B&N, I will post the links to all the platforms (including Amazon).

Thank you for understanding. <3