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✦ ANNOUNCEMENT: Oblivion‘s still publishing on October 20! ✦

If you pre-ordered Oblivion on Amazon, you will be notified soon (if not already) that the pre-order has been cancelled. Due to issues with Oblivion’s pre-order, I had to unfortunately pulled it from Amazon’s system today.

BUT don’t worry, I will be uploading the book to Amazon on Sunday so that it will be live on Monday (10/20)! ALSO, for the 1st 24 HOURS, it will be at the discounted price of $2.99!


  1. If you pre-ordered Oblivion, YOU WILL NEED TO BUY IT AGAIN on release day. It will NOT be automatically on your Kindle on 10/20 morning.
  2. You have NOT been charged for the pre-order book.
  3. Pre-orders on B&N, iTunes, & Kobo have NOT been affected.