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***UPDATE: 9/21/14, 9:12AM PST***

There is still an issue with some people who pre-ordered the book. Many readers have informed me that they received an updated version.

iTunes readers: A reader told me that iTunes sent out an update last night.
Nook/Kobo readers: Please PM me or email me and I’ll help you with this (jessicawoodauthor@gmail.com)
Amazon readers:
There’s a glitch in Amazon’s system that if you return your pre-order version and buy again, you get the pre-order version. Here are 3 ways that you can fix this:
1) Contact Amazon. This might be the fastest and easiest option. Many readers who have called/emailed Amazon directly said they were able to get the updated version quickly (within minutes): https://www.amazon.com/gp/help/customer/contact-us?ie=UTF8&nodeId=557204&.

2) Contact me by PM or email (jessicawoodauthor@gmail.com). I will try to help you as much as I can.

3) Wait for Amazon to provide an updated version on their own. I have been going back and forth with them the last few days and they haven’t been able to provide me with an exact timeframe they’ll be able to do this. They said “as soon as possible.”


Amazon! Why are you doing this to me!!! You say my book is live with all the chapters. I see that it’s the book with all the chapters on the “Look Inside”/Preview feature on the product page for the book. 

BUT why am I still getting the incomplete version when I download it??? I had pre-ordered the book, but had returned it to see if I can download the new version.

Worst. Day. Ever.  :'(

Yesterday was a sad day.

Due to special graphics and some formatting issues, The Chase 4 was sent out to readers with part of the book (2 chapters) in the book and a link taking you to the rest of the book (7 remaining chapters + epilogue) on a private link on my website.

Because this book was on pre-order I couldn’t touch the book days before the release (I was locked out of the system). The morning of release, I uploaded the updated version of the ebook containing all the chapters (9 chapters + epilogue). However it seems that Amazon (at least) is experiencing a glitch! Some readers say they started the book during lunch time on release day and had the updated version (entire book) already and never knew of the issue. But then there are other readers who still have the old, incomplete version. Amazon says the updated version is now live and from the preview option on the book page on Amazon

I want to sincerely apologize for this major hiccup! I never intended this to happen, and I certainly didn’t want to spend my entire release day responding to readers who were upset and trying to do whatever I could to make things right. I would never put myself in this situation, as it’s emotionally draining, and a lose lose situation.

To readers still experiencing this glitch: I want to make this right for you. Please contact me at jessicawoodauthor@gmail.com or comment below and I will do whatever I can to make it right. I will make sure you get a copy of the entire book without paying again! I feel awful.

Here’s to a better day,