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Summer Fling is now LIVE!!! WOO!!!

And guess what? Each author in the short story romance anthology also has a book on sale for $0.99!!!

That means there are 6 great books on sale for $0.99.

“Summer Fling” – http://goo.gl/I4VAw
“The Last Boyfriend” by J. S. Cooper – http://goo.gl/O5mkb
“A Night to Forget” by Jessica Wood – http://goo.gl/K5mNs
“How To Catch A Billionaire” by Helen Cooper – http://goo.gl/IXc90
“The Shameful Diary of Maggie Lane” by Suzi Case – http://goo.gl/AwJU5
“Cupcakes For Every Occasion” by Chloe Harrison – http://goo.gl/1hOVH

All 6 books are $0.99 for only a limited time! Don’t miss out!

You can enter the special giveaway here: http://bit.ly/ZzDDPT

Summer Fling - Giveaway