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Hi everyone!

I hope everyone had a lovely Mother’s Day weekend! To help make this nice weekend an even better one for you, I thought I’d share with you the unedited draft of the Prologue to A Night to Forget. I hope you enjoy it. 🙂

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“Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies.” – Aristotle

His hand intertwined mine, and I felt the electric connection pulse between us, fueling the raw desire that quickly intensified inside me. One look into his warm, seductive eyes, and I knew that he felt the same need course through him.

We were walking on a beautiful, white sand beach, and beyond the water’s horizon stood a gorgeous sunset that colored the sky with hues of warm crimson and orange. He led me to a secluded part of the beach that curved inward into a cove. When we got to the entrance of the cove, I gasped. Hundreds of small candles lit up the small cove, covering every inch of this section of the beach. The reflection from the sea of flickering flames danced on the water, and the hypnotic sounds of the waves crashed against the nearby rocks. From where we stood, a small path was created by the candles and led to the center of the cove. There, a large, lush blanket was laid out with a bottle of champagne sitting in ice and a platter of exotic berries.

He turned towards me, and I was transfixed by him the instant our eyes locked to one another. Oh God, he is hot, I thought to myself. He was beyond handsome,  with a chiseled jaw line and strong facial features. His deep gorgeous dimples, which softened his face, were incredibly sexy. The breeze blew gently through his naturally tousled, dark brown locks, and I resisted a strong urge to comb my fingers through them. He had an afternoon stubble coming through on his face, which made him hot without even trying. He had a sun-kissed golden tan, and his broad shoulders and strong muscular arms flexed against the white linen shirt that moved with the light breeze.


Do you like it, Emma?” he said, his voice was deep with emotion as he motioned towards the blanket. “I wanted it to be perfect for you. For us.”

Forcing my gaze away from him, I looked again in awe at the dazzling display before us. “It’s more than perfect. This is amazing. This must be the most romantic and breathtaking thing I’ve ever seen in my life.”

His full lips curved into a brilliant smile, and those deep-set dimples made my knees weak. He pulled me closer to him as we walked towards the blanket that floated in the middle of a sea of candlelight. His embrace was warm and his intoxicating smell made me dizzy with anticipation.

As we sat onto the soft, smooth blanket, he poured the champagne into two flutes. I took a glass from him, and he said a toast. “To us. To the first day you came into my life. To the moment you took a chance on us. To every day I’ve been able to spend with you. And to the rest of our lives together. I cannot imagine loving anyone else the way I love you.” We touched our glasses together in a light ping and we drank deeply from our glasses, our eyes never leaving one another.

He pulled me closer and sweetly kissed me on my forehead, and I sighed with complete abandonment. I looked up at him and into those warm brown eyes, and I felt my body melt in delight. As if sensing my desperate wanting, he leaned down and kissed me deeply. His full lips were soft, warm, and delicious as they enveloped mine, and as I eagerly kissed him back, I could still taste the remnants of champagne on his lip, which was even more amazing from his lips than from my glass. I could feel my heart pounding faster and harder as our kisses grew faster and deeper.

For a second, he gently pulled away from me, leaving me yearning for more. He picked up a strawberry and then looked at me longingly as he slowly took a bite into the strawberry before sensually feeding me the rest with his hands. As I took it into my mouth, I playfully sucked on his fingers—the roughness of his skin against my tongue sent a shiver through my body. As his index finger slowly left my slightly-closed lips, he let out a deep primal groan of desire.

We locked eyes again, and suddenly, our lips met again, and this time, with more urgency in our movements and more need in our responses. He pulled me towards him and I straddled him as he sat on the blanket. Our legs are intertwined into each other as our lips continued to discover one another’s without missing a beat. I slowly unbuttoned and removed his shirt, and I inhaled sharply as I took him all in—his smooth sun-kissed muscular chest, his six pack abs, his broad strong shoulders, and his lower ab muscles that led to his erection. I shifted my body on top of him and feel a growing need in the pit of my stomach as I feel the push of his erection through his khakis and through my lace panties.

I could feel his hands moving all over my body—rough, strong, and desperate—down my back, down my legs, up the inside of my dress, and down my panties, where he grabbed my butt cheeks and pulled me up against him. I gasped as I felt his hardness press against me.

His lips left mine as it roamed the hot spots around the nap of my neck, and then my ears, and down towards my breast­; his tongue always working in unison with his lips. With a swift movement of his hands, he removed my dress over my body and quickly unhooked my bra. The urgency in his movements caused my body to grow hotter with need. He grabbed my breasts and kissed them, one at a time; softly at first, but with growing roughness and urgency. I gasped with pleasure as my body responded to his touch—his soft, wet tongue, his stubble against the tender skin of my breast, his rough hands—sent electric hot shockwaves through my body, causing a growing throbbing at the pit of my stomach.

“My God, Emma. You’re so hot. I need you so badly right now,” he said, his voice ragged with lust. “Do you know how much you light my body on fire? Every inch of my body needs and craves every inch of you,” he said as he grabbed my hand and guided it down to his khaki pants where his erection was desperately pushing through. I could not resist any longer. I unzipped his pants and inhaled sharply as my hand found him—hard and smooth and ready. His head jerked violently back as I rang my hands down the length of his erection. “Oh God, Emma, you feel unbelievable,” his voice coming out more and more strained and shaky. “I don’t think I can take it any longer,” his stammered out.

He then moved up slightly and laid me down on my back. He quickly stood up and removed the rest of his pants and underwear. I looked up at him and his gorgeous, muscular body, and the need inside me grew even more in anticipation. Within seconds, his hard, warm body was crushed on top of mine. He nibbled my ears and his tongue caused waves of pleasure to shoot through my body. As he moved slowly and rhythmically on top of me, I could feel his erection through my panties and a flush a warmth spread through me as every part of my body came alive. I struggled as I pushed my panties down my leg and off of me. “Please,” I said with insatiable need, “I can’t take it any longer. I need you inside me.” I squirmed beneath his crushing weight, desperately arching my body up towards him. Finally, I felt the tip of his erection push against my opening. I let out a deep moan, anticipating the pleasure that would soon greet me—


As I opened my eyes, I clumsily found my alarm clock. I was lying on my bed. In my bedroom. Realization slowly crept its way into my consciousness. It was all a dream. All just a dream. A dream. I am filled with an overwhelming feeling of loss as I tried desperately to go back to sleep, to go back to him—that deliciously hot man of my dreams. My body still tingled from the memory of his touch, still intoxicated by the memory of his smell, and still yearned for his body to join mine.